What size central air conditioner do I need?

What size central air conditioner do I need?
You want to match up the size tonnage of the unit to the Square footage (SQ FT) of your house.
Tonnage is weight in tons.
The British thermal unit (BTU or Btu) is a traditional unit of energy equal to about 1055 joules. It is the amount of energy needed to cool or heat one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit (Physical analogue: one four inch wooden kitchen match consumed completely generates approximately 1 BTU

For example if you have a 400-600 SQ feet you want a 1 ton unit.
600-800 Sq Feet 1.5 ton 18000 BTU
800-1200Sq Feet 2 Ton 24000 BTU
1200-1500Sq Feet 2.5 Ton 30000 BTU
1500-1800Sq Feet 3 Ton 36000 BTU
1800-2000 Sq Feet 4 Ton 48000 BTU
2000+ Sq Feet 5 Ton 60000 BTU

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