Nest Learning Thermostat Gen 3

Product Code: T3008US
Brand: Nest
Product Condition: New

Product Features

Intelligent Scheduling
The Nest thermostat supports manual scheduling in increments as small as 15 minutes, but it really shines when you let it handle the scheduling for you. Simply adjust the temperature manually for the first few days following installation and the Nest will do the rest. By combining your preferred temperatures with data about how long it takes to heat and cool your house, the Nest thermostat will save on energy without sacrificing comfort.

Look for the Leaf
Nest makes it easy to know that you've selected an efficient set point. If there is a green leaf icon beneath the temperature, it's an economical choice.

If you frequently forget to adjust your thermostat when you leave the house, the Nest has your back. Once it has learned your schedule, a Nest thermostat can save energy by automatically switching to Away mode when your home is unoccupied.

Energy History & Reporting
The daily Energy History and monthly Energy Report features distill your home's energy use into easy-to-understand info graphics. Energy History is interactive and can be accessed easily through the web portal or the mobile app while the Energy Report is delivered directly to your e-mail inbox every month.

True Radiant
True Radiant is a feature of the learning thermostat that helps control your boiler-and-radiator system with max efficiency. Since radiator systems take so look to heat up, Nest Learning thermostat takes the trouble of guessing when you should turn your system on. All you have to do is tell Nest what the tempture you want and it will do the rest for you. This feature come automatically enabled and ready to be used.

If cooling mode is active when your home's humidity is low, the Nest will activate Airwave. Once your evaporator coil is cold, Airwave deactivates your compressor but leaves the fan running. This results in cool air being dispersed throughout your home at a fraction of the energy cost of full-time compressor operation.

Rush Hour Rewards
Rush Hour Rewards are another advantage of partnering with a Nest energy company. With Rush Hour Rewards active, your system will predict times of peak demand and pre-cool your home to remove strain from the electrical grid while keeping you comfortable. In exchange for activating this feature, Nest energy companies offer rebates and credits.

Farsight Feature
The new Farsight feature notices you as you walk in to the house from about 20 feet away and will flash you the current time. This feature takes advantage of the new 3rd generation high-resolution screen.

Product Includes
(1) Thermostat Base
(1) Thermostat Display
(1) Trim Plate
(1) Steel Plate
(1) Screwdriver
(2) Wall Screws
(4) Steel Plate Screws

Product Compatible With: Most 24V Systems, All Nest Products

General Information
Stages: Multi-Stage
Switch Contact Type: Digital
Program ability: 7-Day
System Type: Heat + Cool
Voltage Type: Low Voltage
Programmable : Yes
Power Source: Dual-Powered
Interface: Dial
Internet Connectivity: Wi-Fi Enabled
Model: T3008US
Product Height: 3.3 Inches
Product Width: 3.3 Inches
Product Depth: 1.21 Inches
Product Weight: 0.5375 Pounds
Warranty Information: Parts Warranty 2 Years

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