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Product Code: DV Series
Brand: Clean Comfort
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The Clean Comfort™ DV Series dehumidifier is a highefficiency, whole-house ventilating dehumidifier designed to fit in tight, low-clearance applications. The unit removes up to 70/98/155 pints of water per day (depending on the model selected) and provides effective air filtration (MERV 11).

The unit can be tied into a forced air duct system, dedicated ducting or used in a freestanding application. The DV Series can be installed in mechanical rooms, closets, attics, basements and crawlspaces.

The Clean Comfort DV Series dehumidifier has an innovative cabinet design that easily converts to either vertical or horizontal airflow discharge allowing for easier installation in tight spaces where other dehumidifiers can't fit due to ducting issues and size constraints.

The Clean Comfort™ DV Series dehumidifier performs multiple functions in a compact enclosure: high-capacity dehumidification, fresh air ventilation, and particulate filtration.

Dehumidification: The highly efficient DV Series dehumidifier utilizes refrigeration to cool the incoming air stream below its dew point. This cooled and drier air is then reheated by passing it over the condenser coil.

Product Features

Efficient Water Removal
The DV Series (DV070, DV098, DV155) is capable of removing up to 70pints/98pints/155pints of water per day from a 1800/2200/3500 sq. ft. area (depending on the model you choose), making this unit perfect for homes, condos, and apartments.

Fresh, Filtered Air
The DV Series (DV070, DV098, DV155) pleated MERV 11 media filter removes impurities from your air as it dehumidifies. When used in conjunction with damper and control accessories, the DV Series (DV070, DV098, DV155) can pull fresh outdoor air in as well.

Consistent, Safe Humidity Levels
Excessive humidity in your air can do permanent damage to hardwood floors, musical instruments, antiques, and more. The DV Series (DV070, DV098, DV155) protects your home furnishings from excessive humidity.

Cost-Effective Home Solution
Designed for tight fit areas, the DV Series (DV070, DV098, DV155) can be installed into forced air duct systems, dedicated ducting, or freestanding applications and is easily converted between vertical and horizontal discharge setups.

Fresh Air Ventilation (optional)
Fresh outdoor air may be ducted to the dehumidifier. This provides fresh air to dilute indoor pollutants and replenish oxygen content in the building. The amount of fresh air ventilation can be regulated by a variety of dampers and controls in order to provide
desired ventilation rates.

Air Filtration
The DV Series features air filtration, using a MERV-11 media filter, to improve indoor air quality.

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DV070: 70 Pints per day, up to 1800sq feet. Spec Sheet-CLICK HERE  Install Manual-CLICK HERE

DV098: 98 Pints per day, up to 2200sq feet. Spec Sheet-CLICK HERE  Install Manual-CLICK HERE

DV155: 155 Pints per day, up to 3500sq feet. Spec Sheet-CLICK HERE  Install Manual-CLICK HERE
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